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  • Discuss the projects’ size, scope, scale, & owners’ wants & needs.
  • Review client’s sketches, plans, photos & details in order to gather sufficient information to begin the design.
  • Review clients’ lot for suitability, setbacks, views, grading, constraints, etc.
  • Discuss exterior styling, finishes, materials, windows, doors, features, etc.
  • Discuss time line requirements.

Work order is completed and signed by client.
(Initial deposit is required at this time)


  • We create the preliminary floor plans depicting the layout, size, features, window & door locations and sizes, etc.
  • The drawings are the emailed to the clients for review and comments.
  • A second meeting is usually advised in our office to discuss the proposed revisions.
  • If this is not feasible, then the client would email us the “clearly marked up” drawings along with a detailed description of the proposed revisions.
  • Up to 2 more revision stages are included.

Once preliminary design is approved then drawings go to working drawing stage.

| WORKING DRAWING STAGE (second deposit is required at this time)

  • We create the working drawings and then send them to client for review.
  • Client then carefully reviews the drawings. Minor (non-structural) changes may be made at no additional cost.
  • Major (as well as structural) changes will be subject to addition fees.


  • The drawings have been reviewed and approved for release for construction.
  • We make the necessary copies (some charges may apply) and PDF files.
  • Client would then make arrangements to pick up drawings and make final payment on the balance owing. (deposits are applied to final bill)
  • No plans are released until they are paid in full.
  • This concludes our agreement and you now get to build your “Dream home”.

We are always here to help if further assistance is required in the future.

| PERMIT STAGE (client's responsibility)

Additional information is required to obtain a building permit beyond the “Working Drawings”.

  • Plans to be sent to structural engineer for review and site specific engineering.
  • Plans sent to truss company for roof truss engineering, floor truss engineering, engineering of beams, teleposts & concrete pad sizing.
  • Final plot plan with house location and final grading.


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